The Akulas


The AkulasFour hungry wolves in continuous search of the “Holy Cave of Reverb”. That classic surf tone topped with some catchy spy, ska and 60’s melodies.

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The Akulas are Udo — Gretsch drums, Willem — Framus Star bass driven by a Fender Bassman 100, Benjamin — Nord organ and Ruben — Fender Jaguar & Jazzmaster driven by a Fender Dual Showman Reverb and a Fender Reverb Tank.

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De Kapel
Fri, 22 Apr ’22 — Kapel Herentals

The Akulas @ The Jokerweek

Thu, 31 Mar ’22 — Ugent Plateaustraat Gent

Surfnight Bij' De Vieze Gasten

Also playing Thee Andrews Surfers and El Bariton Loco!
Sat, 4 Dec ’21 — Bij' De Vieze Gasten (Brugse Poort), Gent


Wed, 27 Nov ’19 — Bij Sint Jacobs - Gent

Camping Louisa

Wed, 28 Aug ’19 — Hoboken, Antwerpen

Ongehoord Brugse Poort 2019

Fri, 7 Jun ’19 — Acaciapark, Gent

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