The Akulas


The AkulasThink reverb-soaked guitar twang. Think pounding drum beats. Think cheesy organ sounds. Think thumping bass vibes. Shake all of that together — do not stir. Serve cool. That’s The Akulas.

Rooted in Ghent (Belgium) since 2005, inspired by the sixties’ sounds of surf music, Hammond craze and European beat!

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The Akulas are Udo (Gretsch drums), Willem (Framus Star bass driven by a Fender Bassman 100), Benjamin (Nord organ) and Ruben (Fender Jaguar & Jazzmaster driven by a Fender Dual Showman Reverb and a Fender Reverb Tank).

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Missy Sippy Blues & Rootsclub, Gent

Sat, 20 Jul ’24 — Gentse Feesten! 23:30!


Thu, 14 Dec ’23 — Graaf van Hoornestraat 2, Antwerpen

Missy Sippy Blues & Rootsclub, Gent

Thu, 30 Nov ’23 — Gent, Klein Turkije 16, Gent

Kaffee 't Hof

Fri, 10 Nov ’23 — Middelburg, Nederland

Private Birthday Bash Party!

Sun, 22 Oct ’23 — Somewhere private

Party in Moscou!

Also playing: Hadacol Tremblers!
Fri, 1 Sep ’23 — Wijkpark De Porre Moscou Gentbrugge

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